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Community Council

Trust Lands Summary

Community Council Meeting Dates 2016-2017

September 26, 2016

December 1, 2016

February 23, 2016

March 23, 2016

Minutes September 2016

Agenda September 2016

Crimson View Elementary
Community Council Meeting Agenda 
Thursday, September 29, 2016 @ 3:45 pm

Location: Crimson View Library Meeting

Called to Order:
1) Discuss Community Council Positions
2) Discuss Testing Data (Mr. Esplin)
3) Discuss traffic around school
4) Plan meetings for the remainder of the school year
5) Other Items

Meeting Adjourn

Community Council Meeting Dates 2015-2016

Community Council will be held in the library starting at 3:45

  • October 22, 2015

  • December 3, 2015

  • February 11, 2016

  • March 17, 2016

TrustLands Funding

TrustLands 13-14

Please explain how the action plan was implemented to reach this goal.

1. Supplies were purchased for the STEM Day activities. Several STEM Days were held throughout the school year. The STEM Days lasted approximately one hour and had a focus on a specific STEM concept. A community member also spoke at an assembly about a profession in the specific STEM concept.

2. iPad Application - IXL Math was purchased for the first grade.

3. Dixie State University SEE Student - A SEE student taught in a fifth grade classroom.

4. Before/After School Tutoring - Many teachers tutored students in math and language arts before and after school.

5. Reading Interventionist - A reading interventionist taught students in small groups. The interventionist used the LLI program to help struggling readers.

6. LEGO robotics team registration - Four teams were able to participate in the First LEGO League competition.

7. Science Lab Supplies - Science lab supplies were purchased for classroom lessons.

8. Leveled Library Books and UCET Conference - With some of the extra distribution of funds leveled library books were purchased and some travel costs for the UCET conference was covered.

Minutes March 2016

Community Council Minutes
March 17, 2016
Meeting called to order:  3:48

In attendance: Clay, Mitch, Tiffany, Steve, Nate, Gabbi, Nikki

Professional Development Follow-up

Money will be used to go for both STEM training over the summer and UCET. Two teachers were sent this year to UCET. Motion to approve the change UCET to STEM best practice conference.

Trust Lands funding discussion for 2016-2017 school year

Review of how money was spent last year

Academic areas to work on were Reading, math, technology, science and fine arts. BTS music specialist was funded, reading interventionist funded, tutoring funded, professional development funded, STEM days funded, supplies funded. Carry over of about $6,000 dollars.

Next year’s funding we have an estimated of $50,000 to spend with trust lands.

Input from teachers on a survey that was rated 1-4 by priority of ways to spend the money. Items on the survey were: Before and after school STEM program $1,000 for three sessions with four or five classes and or STEM activities, Computer technician 6,000, IXL/apps software 2500, Lego robotics $1,000, leveled library books $2,000, music specialist $8,000, new teacher training $1,000, professional development $4,000, reading assistants $18,000, spelling city $1,140, STEM days $2500, STEM supplies $2200, home visits $2,800.

Tiffany Porter addressed the council on training new teachers because our school is so unique. Shared “Data” days where teachers and administration meet to discuss where students are at. The time away from the classroom for substitutes is about 500 dollars a day. Lunch time trainings for teachers to learn about the resources at hand for our school. Summer trainings would be critical in giving new teachers the support they need. We could use the carry over from this year for salaries for next years training days.

Funded next year:

Computer Technician

BTS Music

Reading Assistance

Before/after school tutoring

New teacher training

Professional Development

STEM days

STEM supplies


Home visits

Comes to $50,000

If money is left over we will put in STEM Supplies, professional development and Leveled Library (can be funded from other funds)

Lego Robotics can be funded through PTO

Spelling City could be cut to $500 or use with textbook money

Cut out STEM before/after school

Motion approved for the plan by Nikki and second by Stephanie

All in favor unanimous
Other items

Meeting Adjourn

Agenda March 2016

Crimson View Elementary
Community Council Meeting Agenda
Thursday, March 17, 2016 @ 3:45 pm
Location: Crimson View Library

Meeting Called to order:
  •   Professional Development Follow-up

  •   Trust Lands funding discussion for 2016-2017 school year

  •   Other items

    Meeting Adjourn

Minutes February 2016

Community council February 2016

3:38 meeting called to order

Agenda items:

Bike safety

Debriefing. Talked to officer pitcher to talk about bike safety. Assembly will be February 19th two separate assemblies. Sent out an email to parents and video to teachers to show to students. Announcements have been made over the intercom. Flyer was attached to the email to bring up safety concerns with bike safety.

Mr Esplin: PLC training to council. Professional learning community model was shown. Teachers work together in teams to meet the needs of all students. Best practices are discussed. Guaranteed and viable curriculum is what all students should be able to accomplish by the end of the grade level. Essential standards and GVC have assessments tied to the standard To be able to identify how the students are doing on those skills. Each Tuesday teachers meet to discuss those assessments and talk about the skills that the students need help with. Specific intervention and extensions are talked about and planned for. Reassessment is done after the intervention period and show the growth and make changes accordingly. CSIP was shown to the council about the GVC, assessments, interventions and a plan of action to continue helping students who don't understand the skills. Focus on results and use data  to help students and their needs.

Trust lands funding:

   Reviewed expenditures from this year

    BTS SPECIALIST, Reading interventionist, computer technician, tutoring, UCET conference, STEM day money, software IXL

   Suggested money for STEM supplies, money for summer training for new teachers, software for lower grade called lexia

Suggestion and encouragement to get on the trust land funding ideas

March 3rd next meeting

4:18 meeting closed

Agenda February 2016

Crimson View Elementary

Community Council Meeting Agenda

Thursday, February 11, 2016 @ 3:45 pm

Location:  Crimson View Library 

Meeting called to order:

  • Bike Safety Discussion: Last meeting we discussed talking to officer Pitcher about Bike Officers and an assembly to discuss bike safety. Bike Safety Information flyers to send home with the students.
  • Nate would like to discuss the PLC training education philosophy to the Council.
  • We will have a Trust Lands funding discussion for 2015-2016 school year
  • Other items

Meeting Adjourn

Minutes December 2015

Community Council

Crimson View Elementary

@ 3:45 - December 3, 2015

In attendance: Jamie Webster, Allison Luekenga, Laurice Williamson, Nate Esplin, Stephanie Kipp, Mitch Mortensen, Mike Leavitt

Meeting Started: 3:39

Continue Bike safety concerns: Suggested bike path to be put in and inform parents and students about how to stay safe when riding bikes to and from school.

The city doesn’t paint the roads in residential streets. The city painted a bike lane on 3000. Resource officers are trying to encourage students to ride on sidewalk. Suggestion to invite the City Bike Patrol to have an assembly at our school. PTO will be sending out a flyer to raise awareness on bike safety, and safe routes to and from school. Main idea: Take the SAFEST route.  A map of the area can be created to send home as a way for parents to discuss with their children about bike safety.  

Action items: Talk to officer Pitcher about Bike Officers and an assembly. Bike Safety Information flyers will be sent home.

Digital Citizenship and internet filtering

What filters are we using in the school? We are using iBoss. All internet traffic comes through iBoss. Settings are used the same way across the grade levels. Youtube videos are approved by teachers. We use Clean Image Searchings which helps filter pictures when students are looking. We have several management systems in our school. Apple Configuration for the iPads, Chrome Management for the Chrome Books and LanSchool. Devices we are using are iPads and chrome books and then we use Success Maker, Schoology, Google Drive, Connected and Thrive on the devices. Filtering has changed in the last couple of years and it’s hard for companies to make changes for schools. Supervision and filtering is key.

Digital Citizenship: We have a committee that puts posters, power statements and internet safety week together This allows parents to get involved and having conversations with their children about internet safety. Devices we are using are ipads and chrome books and then we use Successmaker, Schoology, connected and thrive on the devices, google drive.  

  • For more filtering information from the district, refer to the documents below the minutes

Arts and Learning Program- Teachers to discuss some of the things that Beverly Taylor Sorensen is currently doing in the school.

Music Studies helps both sides of the brain. Singing and teaching songs that correlate with what the students are learning in their classrooms.

Examples: Time tables, metamorphosis, biomes, rhythm, sound, science, xylophones and science with sounds. The students are making connections across the curriculum. Brought examples of Boom Wackers and recorders. Students have learned history songs. Orff teaches to play by using the rhythm of words and then learn the rhythm with words and sounds. Students create melodies to stories. Mrs. Williamson is doing a research project using the 5th grade students to learn a song about concepts of electricity. Looking at Pre and Post test data to see if it will improve results of understanding.

Meeting Adjourned: 4:27

Agenda December 2015

Crimson View Elementary

Community Council Meeting Agenda

Thursday, December 3, 2015 @ 3:45 pm

Location: Crimson View Library

Meeting called to order:

• Digital Citizenship and Internet Filtering
• Arts and Learning Program - Teachers to discuss some of the things that Beverley Taylor Sorensen is currently doing in the school.

Rules of Order

Minutes October 2015

Crimson View Community Council 10/22/15

  • Council Positions: Mitch Mortenson as Chairman and Mike Leavitt as Vice Chairman Gabbi Young as Secretary
  • Future Meeting Dates to be held at 3:45 in the CVES Library:

December 3

February 11

March 17

  • Community Council Training will be held at the district office October 28th from 6:00pm-8:00pm
  • Report to Community Council on internet safety
  • Sage scores presented and discussed as a state, district and schools with similar demographics
  • School Improvement plan on CSIP
  • Traffic Concerns: 2000 and 3000 East intersection has heavy traffic that is a concern on Fridays because of dismissal times at George Washington Academy and Crimson View Crossing Guards are only required to be on “duty” 45 minutes before school starts.

Contact will be made with Sergeant Harding about safety concerns

  • Bike Safety concerns: Suggested bike path to be put in and inform parents and students about how to stay safe when riding bikes to and from school.

Agenda October 2015

Crimson View Elementary

Community Council Meeting Agenda

Thursday, October 22, 2015 @ 3:45 pm

Location:  Crimson View Library


Meeting called to order:

  •  Council Positions
  • Meeting Dates
  • Council Training
  • School Assessment Data
  • Traffic Concerns
  • Bike Safety

Minutes March 2015

Community Council Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2015



Meeting called to order at 4:00 pm


  • Safety Concerns - Karl was not in attendance but had sent an email regarding the crossing flags at 1450 South & 3000 East that stated that the city is still getting the approvals needed to put up the flag system


  • Trust Lands Spending

These are the items discussed to spend $ on:  tutoring, UCET Conference, LEGO Robotics Registration, Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program. Mike Leavitt made the motion to submit the following items to the teachers to see if they want the BTS Arts Learning Program or tutoring and Malinda Whipple a motion to 2nd .

  • Suggested 2015-2016 Trust LANDs Plan

$ 1,000 STEM Days

$ 2,000 iPad Applications

$ 6,000 before/after school tutoring

$11,634 Reading Intervention (LLI)

$ 1,000 Lab Supplies

$6,000 Computer Technician

$7,366 Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program

$35,000 total

Additional funds could go to:  UCET Technology Conference, LEGO League registration, Science/Engineering Lab Supplies, professional development, science kits, coding club.

  • New meeting date:  April 9, 2015 @ 3:30pm


Meeting adjourned at 5:07 pm




Agenda March 2015

Crimson View Elementary

Community Council Meeting Agenda

Thursday, March 19, 2015 @ 3:30 pm

Location:  Crimson View Elementary


Meeting called to order:

  • Safety issues at 1450 South & 3000 East
  • Finalize School LAND Trust Plan
  • Elections
  • Other Questions or concerns
  • Set new meeting date


Meeting adjourned:

Minutes November 2014

Community Council Minutes

November 6, 2014


Meeting called to order 3:39 pm

Went over some training items in the School Community Council Member Handbook.  Talked about the Child Access Routing Plan on page 40 that states that the Communtiy Council is no longer required to prepare and submit Child Access Rounting Plans.  Districts may continue to involve school community councils in the process of preparing and approving the plans.  The Community Council will be an advisor the Routing Plan  

Discussed elections in May.  Will look into online ballot.  

Mr. Esplin was pleased with the SAGE test results for Crimson View.  The expectations have been set high.

Discussed adding crossing flags at 1450 South and 3000 East.

Future Meeting Dates:   January 8, 2015 – March 19, 2015

Meeting adjourned 4:30 pm  


Agenda November 2014

Crimson View Elementary

Community Council Meeting Agenda

Thursday, November 6, 2014 @ 3:30pm

Location: Crimson View Elementary



Meeting called to order:


  • Community Council Annual Training

  • SAGE test scores

  • Safety issues at 1450 South & 3000 East

  • Other Questions or concerns

  • Set new meeting date


Meeting adjourned:


Minutes August 28, 2014

Community Council Minutes

August 28, 2014


Meeting called to order 3:35 pm

Safety Concerns:  the new road down 2000 South east of 3000 East is great, wide enough shoulder for the kids to walk or ride bikes and not be in the road.  The majority of the time they are keeping within the designated walking/bike riding area.  Cross walk good at the top of 2000 South.   Still some concern about kids riding into the street on 2000 South from the streets west of the school.

Trust LANDS Plan:  DSU SEE Student saved about $1,000 and the Reading Intervention saved about $2,000 so the plan was revised to add a computer technician for $5,000 which is half of what is will cost but the city had funds left from the temporary bus from last year that we can use.  The revised plan is as follows:

                  STEM Days                                                1,000

                  iPad Applications                               2,000

                  DSU SEE Student                                   6,825

                  Before/After School Tutoring      6,000

                  Reading Intervention                       11,634

                  LEGO Robotics Registration         1,500

                  Lab Supplies                                           1,000

                  UCET Conference                                 2,000   

                  Computer Technician                      5,000

                                    Total                                          36,959               Available    37,093               

There was a motion to approve this plan by Mike Leavitt and a 2nd by Malinda Whipple.

The academic goal for our students for this year is:

 90% of 3rd – 5th graders being proficient in the SAGE testing of reading and math

70% of 1st – 2nd graders being proficient in the DIBELS testing of reading

It was suggested that this goal will not be met with the results from last year since it was new testing and new testing usually has much lower scores.  The test results from last year have not been released yet. 

Other items discussed in regard to the academic goal were:  a computer math program will not have to be funded by the Trust Lands plan.  Tutors which are already set and that amount should be plenty high enough.  Some teachers are pushing for the Accelerated Reading Program.  It is pricey, takes a lot of teachers and parents to make it a success.  Making sure our teachers are being trained properly.

Future Meeting Dates:  November 6, 2014 – January 8, 2015 – March 19, 2015

Meeting adjourned 4:30 pm  


Agenda August 2014

Crimson View Elementary
Community Council Meeting 
August 28, 2014 @ 3:30 pm
Location:  Crimson View Elementary

Meeting called to order:

  • Review of Safety Concerns.  New school year are we doing ok?
  • Trust Lands Plan  
  • Do we have an academic goal for our students this year?  What is it?  What do we need to do as a council to help with that goal?
  • Set future meeting dates
  • Any other questions or concerns

Minutes March 2014

March 6, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm

  • Community Council Annual Training

A Washington County School District School Community Council Member Handbook SY 2013-2013 was handed out to all members.  

Discussed the history of School Trust Lands in Utah

Page 5-6: items the community council must follow

Plan for next school year

Elections will be held in May

Agenda posted 1 week prior to meeting

  • Safety Concerns

The signs are up on 2000 near 3000, bus will continue until all of the construction is complete even though the road is open.  Do not know completion date yet.  Parents are happy with the bus.  May need to communicate the date to the parents of construction completion.  Student guards in the parking lot may need to be trained better to avoid problems.  Can parents help?  Teachers are still out.  Looking into creating a video of the proper procedure for parents when dropping off or picking up children.  

  • Trust Lands Spending

These are some of the items discussed to spend $ on:

Last year there was $24,000 will have about a $5,000 carryover.  Need to set plan for next year will have about $30,000.  

Is there enough i-pads for expansion?  Have extra for 1 or 2 additional classrooms.  STEM want to see it succeed.  Students love it.  Want $1,000.  Send out video to parents so they know what is happening.  

The school has formed a Technology Committee to determine which software/aps will be best for the school.  

It has been suggested that each child have their own earbuds/headphones.  Determined the council will not fund those at this point.

Level library – have a good library no need to put much more into it now maybe use $1,000 every year.

COW – Computer on Wheels  30 computers want another for the lower grades would cost $18,000-$20,000.

SEE Student $7,500-$8,000 per year district could pay

Computer Technician - $10,000 per year could combine SEE Student and Computer Technician

Reading Recovery Program LLI program or OEK program $15,000-$18,000 per year both programs are successful.  The lower grades would rather have reading help instead of math help.

  • 2014-2015 Trust LANDs Plan

$18,000 reading recovery

$ 8,000 SEE student

$ 1,000 STEM

$ 2,000 new aps for ipads/software

$   400 online scheduler for SEP’s

$ 6,000 before/after school tutoring

$ 1,500 before/after school STEM program

$36,900 total

Additional funds could go to:  UCET Technology Conference, Level Library, Science/Engineering Lab Supplies.

Mike Leavitt made the motion to approve this 2014-2015 Trust LANDs Plan and Carl Thurman made a motion to 2nd this plan and all approved.

  • New meeting date:

There will not be another meeting date set at this time.  The Community Council all agree to sign the 2014-2015 Trust LANDs Plan when it has been completed in the office.  Malinda Whipple 1st, Mike Leavitt 2nd, all in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm


Agenda March 2014

Thursday, March 6, 2014 @ 7pm

Location:  Crimson View Elementary


Meeting called to order:


  • Community Council Annual Training
  • Safety Concerns (construction completion date and bus available)
  • Trust Lands Spending
  • Parliamentary Procedures
  • 2014-2015 Trust Lands Plan
  • Other Questions or concerns
  • Set new meeting date


Meeting adjourned:

Agenda January 2014

Thursday January 16, 2014 @ 7pm

Location:  Crimson View Elementary


Meeting called to order:


  • Safety concerns for 2000 South

  • Trust Lands spending

  • Any other questions or concerns

  • Set new meeting date


Meeting adjourned:


Minutes September 2013

September 12, 2013


Meeting called to order 7:02 pm

Discussions on safety concerns from parents from Treasure Valley & Stonehedge developments.: Danielle Squires put together the attached concerns and possible solutions to those concerns.  Talk to JP Excavating about trucks parked along 3000 near 2000, blocking kids walking & riding bikes they have to go out into the road further to get past.  The council cannot make these decisions it is up to the city but we can present it to them.  Suggested that we talk to the HOA’s to have residents take an alternate route during the morning and afternoon school traffic to reduce the traffic while the kids are on the roads.  Train crossing guard to help keep kids safe, make traffic flow better and make sure kids are walking bikes across the cross walk.  Suggest that large construction traffic use an alternative route also.  Karl made a motion to have the city flatten & widen the road (2000) east of 3000 down to 3430 East before the 3000 construction is rerouted down 2000.  These concerns will become bigger concerns with construction starting on 3000 and more traffic diverted on the street the kids have to share with the traffic.  


Karl to talk to JP Excavating, Mr. Esplin about crossing guard training with the SGPD, and Nikki to bring up these problems to Cameron Cutler at the City.

There are also still concerns with safety on the West side of the school.  Kids have been seen driving out into the road without looking for cars from the side streets of the Serenity development almost being hit by a car.  There is still not a cross walk at 3000 and 2580, kids are crossing the street at a diagonal there.  Nikki to discuss this with Cameron also.  One suggestion was to have a walking/biking safety presentation at the school to educate the kids on what to do and how to be kept safe maybe have a walk/bike to school night or a walk/bike with your child to school day.

Karl: reversing the traffic flow for drop off and pick up.  Advantages of doing so is relieving traffic on 2000, picking up/dropping off at the front of the school then exiting, but the big disadvantage would be kids in the front passenger seat of the car would have to exit on the traffic side of the car and not out to the curb, same with getting into the car.  We felt it was too unsafe to change and people are set in their ways already and it would be hard to change.

Discussion of Trust LANDS Plan

Went over all of the purposed funds (attached) and what they will be used for.  It was agreed to leave the plan as it has been written but may want to allocate the $4,400 to the engineering lab instead of a take home librarian.  The change will be made if there are enough parent volunteers to help instead of hiring a take home librarian.  This plan will need to be given to the School Board for approval at their October 8th meeting.  Our final plan will have to be to them before that date.


Meeting adjourned 8:25 pm  


Minutes August 2013

Community Council Minutes

August 20, 2013

Meeting called to order at 6:34 pm

Discussion on safety issues:  Community Council addressed safety concerns from parents of

surrounding neighborhoods.  Student access routing map was passed out.  A crossing guard was

placed at 2000 S. and 3000 E.  We need to look at parking lot and foot traffic.  East corner bike racks as

well as bus loading to stay the same.

Afternoon gets backed up with crossing in the parking lot with parent cross walk at 2000 and 2580.

City will put in exit on NW corner of school and a sidewalk on North side of parking lot, did not commit

to bike parking on that side.

People helping with traffic and walking- Malea, walk on the side where they want to put sidewalk.

Also posed the question of why our school is more open campus while other schools are becoming

more closed.

Bike parking should be accessible on both sides.   Mike Leavitt also mentioned having a crosswalk out

of the parking lot.  Red drop zone a no drop zone.   Amend walking route with no parking signs along

the dirt.

Safety patrol for 5th graders, help with getting kids to where they need to be.

Malinda- we need to reduce auto traffic as much as possible.  Meet with parents to show the different


Drop off at cross walk from Treasure Valley or Stone Hedge.  Safety week coming up will discuss


We need to tell everyone that this is a new school and we need to have patience.  Kids are being

dropped off and darting between cars.

Items we thought about discussing with the city:

Speed limit sign on 2000

Speed bumps

Slow sign out of parking lot when turning west

Other issues discussed to help with safety:

Teachers to be available

Exit only on West side

Don’t cross on cross walk in the parking lot

Need another bike rack but District will not pay for one, we will try and get one though.

Nikki Salay made motion to approve the 2000 and 2780 crosswalk be moved to the 1910 S and 2780 E.

Motion was approved by Karl Thurman and second was given by Malinda Whipple.

Mike Leavitt wants to take map to city and talk to them about the changes.  Monty and Adam will

come to the school.  The Fire Dept to come down and paint curbs red.

SGPD will have the say on the speed limits on 2000.

All concerns were addressed that could be and meeting was adjourned at 7:26

Next Community Council meeting will be help on September 12, 2013 at 7pm

Agenda August 2013

Date:  August  21, 2013

Time:  6:30

Place: Crimson View Library 

1. Traffic Concerns

Agenda July 2013

Date:  July 11, 2013

Time:  7:00 PM

Place:  Woodward Building

1.  Introduction of Community Council Members

2.  Selection of Council Officers

3.  Community Council Training – Nate Esplin, Principal

4.  Walking Route/Road Construction – Monty Therbur, City of St. George

5.  Trust Lands Funding

6.  Future Community Council

Minutes Bike Concerns

Now that school has started and is in full swing we feel it necessary for the city to come out during the peak traffic times to reevaluate the needs of these students.

Possible Solutions:

  • BUS

    • The busses that pass our area are not full and maybe with rearranging we can add stops to accommodate a bulk of these students.

  • Paved bike/walking path (semi-permanent) or Road grading and widening

  • Police presence

  • Rerouted traffic during that 45-60 minute window when it’s most busy.

  • Increased communication to all students and their families about this situation