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Battle of the Books – Update

We are so excited to finally get going with our reading program BATTLE OF THE BOOKS! Here is just a little more information for you so we can all get the kids excited about this program.

We are doing a Harry Potter theme this year. At the assembly this past Tuesday the sorting hat sorted our students into different houses by grades. 

1-2 grades: Hufflepuff
3 grade: Gryffindor
4 grade: Ravenclaw
5 grade: Slytherin

Our Kindergartners (and some 1-2 graders) will be recording their reading calendar minutes to earn “Wizarding money” to take to Crimson View’s “Diagon Alley” to shop for prizes. Kindergartners will not need to worry about any of the next information. Just keep recording those minutes!

Students can check out one of the books from their battle list at the school to read. We ask them to only take one book at a time. Try to encourage them to read within 2 weeks. Once they finish the book they fill out a page in their “Daily Prophet” notebook. This booklet stays at school and is VERY IMPORTANT. They will need to bring this booklet to our “Diagon Alley” shop each month. The page they filled out will be stamped and the student will be given a button pin that corresponds with the book they finished.

Each student will be given a small lanyard this week. On the lanyard is a battle of the books pin and their house pin. They will add more pins as they read the books.  Please encourage your student to treat these with care. We don’t want any one to get hurt by the pin or for them to fall apart. Remind your student to put them on the strap and then leave them alone. If a pin does fall apart just pop them back together or add a little glue for more stability. 

If a student loses or breaks a pin beyond repair please tell them they cannot be replaced unless we have extra at the end of the program.

Books need to have been read since June. If a student read a book last year they must read it again to earn a pin.

Now for a few fun things:

  • ALL students can participate in the extra HARRY POTTER CHALLENGE: Any student who reads OR has someone read to them “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” will be invited to a special Harry Potter party in the spring.
  • 3rd-5th grade students are asked to read at least 7 of the books on the 12 book list. However, if they read all 12 they will earn a special golden snitch pin.
  • 1-2 grade students, In order to earn the special golden snitch pin, students must read at least 15 of the books on their reading list. They can choose any 15 books on their list.
  • In the Spring we will have the battle. The battle is run like a typical team game show. Questions will be asked, kids must answer with the book title AND author of the book. Encourage memorization of titles and authors. Of course we will put a fun Harry Potter spin on the battle.
  • A classroom battle will be held first. Winners of the classroom battle move on to the grade level battle. Awards will be given for both classroom and grade level winners.
  • We hope you will encourage your students to fully participate. We know not all students are on the same reading levels. Adults are welcome to read the books to students, students can listen to audio book versions, etc. Our main goal is to encourage reading and exposure to good quality books and text! They need to read to understand the content so don’t rush too fast.

Book lists for each grade are listed on the Crimson View website.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to get this program in place! We are so excited to get going!

Thanks you!
Crimson View PTO

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