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Wildcat Families,

The current super fad at Crimson View is Pokemon Cards. Through the years I’ve seen many fads come and go through the various schools that I have worked at. I typically don’t attempt to control or dictate what students become excited about. However, when it comes to toys at school, my recommendation will always be that personal toys should stay at home. This is the only way for the toy to not become lost, broken, or stolen at school. I enjoy seeing students excited and motivated. I am also very impressed by the knowledge that some of our students have regarding Pokemon. I think that all of us can learn a thing or two about the role of motivation in learning from things like Pokemon.

The Good: Students are happy and excited. Many students are making connections and new friends. Students are motivated to learn and grow their knowledge about a new topic.

The Bad: A few students have Pokemon brain and are distracted from focusing in their classrooms. We’ve also had a few students skipping lunch in order to get outside more quickly. Classroom teachers have mentioned the challenge of managing the Pokemon rage currently sweeping our school.

The Ugly: Students have had Pokemon cards stolen. Some students are taking advantage of other students who don’t have as much Pokemon knowledge when making trades. We’ve had punches thrown regarding Pokemon deals gone bad.

If your child is involved in the Pokemon super fad sweeping our school please visit with them about their experience. Encourage them to always be fair with others. Encourage them to only get them out at appropriate times. Encourage them to keep them home if having them lost or stolen at school is a concern. Make sure that you visit about conflict resolution and how to handle things appropriately. 

Thanks for your support … I’m going out on a limb and making a prediction on the next super fad at Crimson … marbles or maybe pogs!

Adam Baker (Principal)  |  435-634-7000  |

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