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PTA | Art Contest


PTO Art Contest Rules 2020

Student Entry Form

Every child can submit a total of 2 entries but not in the same category. Each entry must be accompanied by an Entry Form. We will be picking 3 winners from each category.

All participants are required to fill out, in its entirety, and sign the Entry Form, including the smaller box.

Entries will be due Thursday, JANUARY 16th, 2020 before school starting at 8:30 am. Please do not bring student entries to school before this date, we do not have a safe place to store them.

Each entry must be the original work of one student only. They may not have assistance from teachers, parents, or friends unless there is a special case (such as for someone with a visual or physical disability). Because the program is designed to encourage and recognize each student’s individual creativity, help from an adult or collaboration with other students is not allowed.

All of the entries must be an original student work. Use of copyrighted material is prohibited. Do not borrow from copyrighted material. Plagiarism is defined as taking and using another person’s ideas or writings or inventions as one’s own. Plagiarized entries will be disqualified and returned to the student.

Entries may be related to the yearly theme. There is no wrong way to interpret the theme. The theme is: ​We’re all in this Together
Entries must comply with the General Rules as well as the corresponding category rules. Please refer to the individual category rules before submitting an entry to
ensure compliance


*Artwork that is inappropriate or contains any objectionable material.
*Reproductions and enlargements of other artwork.
*Plagiarized works.
*Paint by number or art kits.

Students are divided into 2 groups based on grade. Each group will be judged on the ability level expected at each level. The groups are:
Kindergarten – 2nd grade
3rd grade – 5th grade
*With the exception of the Visual Arts category. Each grade will be judged separately and will have 3 winners within each grade.

Visual Art:
*Any original flat artwork no more than 1/4” thick from the surface of the art work. There is no size limit.
*Mount on a sturdy mat or paper. DO NOT USE FRAMES (Canvas stretched over a wooden frame is not considered a frame and is acceptable). Examples include pencil, charcoal, ink, colored pencil, pastels, chalk, crayon, serigraphs, linoleum cuts, woodcuts, vegetable prints, tempera, oil, acrylic, watercolor, paint a T-shirt or other fabric, metal etching or punch work, and sand painting. This list is not definitive.

*Any original photographic artwork
*Mount entry on a mat, poster board, or a sturdy paper – NO FRAMES
*There is no size limit
*Collage may be utilized
*No photo alterations of any kind including, but not limited to Photoshop or other photo editing software/websites
Examples include prints, black and white or color, photo gram, montage, sandwich, photo collage, and multiple exposures. This list is not definitive.

Musical Composition:
*Any original musical composition
*Record and Submit on a FLASH DRIVE Start the image after 10 seconds of black. *No longer than 5 minutes and no shorter than 1 minute
*No notation is required, just make a recording
*MIDI software is not allowed
Examples include drums, pots and pans, piano, voice, or any instrument, including made-up instruments, are all acceptable. This list is not definitive.

*Any original theatre work
*Up to 3 performers. Students may or may not perform, but must do all other work: write script, direct, create optional costumes and scenery by themselves. No group effort.
*​Submit a hard copy of the script and a FLASH DRIVE with the play.​ Script must be typed or legibly handwritten. You must start the image after 10 seconds of black
*No longer than 5 minutes and no less than 1 minute
Examples include monologue, one act, storytelling and mime. This list is not definitive.

*Any original creation using words
*Typed or legibly handwritten on a 8 1⁄2 by 11 paper
*No more than 2000 words
*Two copies must be submitted
*Grade-appropriate grammar and punctuation (no parental editing)
Examples: a story, poem, biography, autobiography, an interview, and an essay. This list is not definitive.

3-D Art:
*Any original artwork greater than 1/4” thick
*No limit on size, however it must be movable for display purposes
*Submit the actual artwork
*No kits or precast are acceptable. It must be original work only
*3-D entries will only be accepted on the due date. Bring the actual project.
Examples include jewelry, wind chimes, mobiles, kites, collages, dioramas, ceramics, clay sculpture, rock art, play dough, wood working, metal soldering, stained glass, junk art, mosaics, toothpicks, and popsicle sticks. This list is not definitive.

*Any original film/video/computer-generated creation with or without sound
*No longer than 5 minutes and no shorter than 1 minute
*Submit on a FLASH DRIVE—Start the image after 10 seconds of black
*The STUDENT is filming the action – the student is NOT the action. Someone else is not filming the student doing something, i.e. a piano recital.
Examples include claymation, torn paper, animation from drawings, live action, computer generated, narrative, documentary, fiction, or nonfiction. This list is not definitive.

*Any original choreographed movement performance
*There can be up to 3 performers. Student may or may not perform, but they must do all other work: create costumes (not required) and choreograph the dance *Submit on a FLASH DRIVE Start the image after 10 seconds of black.
*No longer than 5 minutes and no shorter than 1 minute
Examples include ballet, clogging, modern dance, ballroom dance, or karate. This list is not definitive.

Digital Art:
*Any original digital art work
* There is no size limit
*Mount on a sturdy mat or paper. DO NOT USE FRAMES.
Examples include photopainting, digital collage, algorithmic/fractals (completed on computer), digital painting, 3-d programs, any form of computer manipulated imagery, photos altered through computer means. This list is not definitive.

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