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Parents … I need your help!

As a Crimson View community we are fortunate to have our school located so conveniently and where so many of our students are able to walk or ride to school. Student safety is so important to us as a Crimson View staff … not only while our students are here at school, but also while they travel to and from school.

We consistently encourage, remind, and promote safety while students are with us. However, as I was out after school today I noticed that some of our students seem to disregard safety measures once they are off school grounds. I observed students crossing roads without looking to see if it was safe. I also saw students who were riding bikes and scooters in the road without any regard for cars or traffic or traffic signs. After visiting more with office staff and teachers, it appears that this has been an ongoing concern.

PLEASE take some time to discuss safety with your child. Establish a safe route to and from school with your child. Ride or walk the route together and discuss concerns or areas that you notice where your child may need to be extra cautious. Remind them of your expectation that they stay off the road while riding or walking to school. Remind them to look both ways to check for oncoming traffic before entering an intersection. Remind them that cars and drivers may not see them and to be extra cautious.

If you are driving in or around the school during our start or ending times, please be extra cautious and aware. Put your phone away and be alert. Expect children to do the unexpected. Please drive extra slow and cautious.

We have a “child access map” which shows safe routes to and from school. CLICK HERE to access the map for Crimson View Elementary

If you have additional suggestions or concerns please contact me directly. Let’s do all we can to help Crimson View be a safe place for our students, not only while they are here at school but also while they are traveling both to school and home at the end of the day!

Adam Baker (Principal) | 435-634-7000 |

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