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Student Safety Reminder – Arrival/Dismissal

Wildcat Families —

This week I’ve met with PTA and all our teachers at different meetings, one issue was brought up independently by both groups. Student safety in the parking lot as well as the side streets in and around our school campus. I’ve previously shared this document to help promote student safety in our parking lot during our arrival and dismissal times. Please review it again! — Arrival/Dismissal at CVES

Please remember and do your best to promote student safety by following these guidelines:

1. Students should only enter or exit vehicle in designated pick up/drop off zone or designated parking area
2. Never leave your car unattended in drop off/pick up zone
3. Never park in pick up zone, keep thru traffic lane open
4. Always park in designated parking stalls if you plan to leave your vehicle
5. Never encourage your student to cross through traffic or a line of cars – use designated crosswalk
6. Do not drive distracted – No phone zone
7. Drive slowly and cautiously in our school parking lot and in surface streets near our school
8. Expect young children to do the unexpected … always be extra careful and cautious in our school parking lot

I understand that there are times where you may have another appointment or may be in a hurry, please don’t compromise student safety to save 30 seconds.

I have two things to share that are celebrations:

  1. We had Julie Smith visit our school this morning. She is the K-3 Literacy Specialist for the state of Utah. She visited our school because we performed so well on every metric they use to monitor school progress in K-3 literacy, top 10 in the entire state of Utah. She came to celebrate and congratulate our teachers! Our K-3 & Literacy teachers deserve a huge pat on the back!! They really are doing some amazing things as they work to help build young readers at our school!
  2. Our 5th Grade does a pretty awesome job of remembering Veterans Day each year. (Watch our Veterans Day Program from Nov 11, 2022 –  Today we had two special guests visit our school and express their gratitude to our students for remembering Veterans! Burke Staheli and Colonel Frank Leuck met with our 5th graders and told them thanks. It was a special moment to have some local heros and veterans at our school to help teach our students. St. George News was on site and I expect a news article in the next few days — so watch for that!

Thanks again for your continued support of our school! We’re better together!

Don’t forget, no school on Monday, Jan 16 – 

Adam Baker (Principal)