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School Safety Information

Washington County School District has worked very proactively to create safe schools. By working with each community WCSD has a School Resource officer in each of its secondary schools. Resource officers are also assigned to work with each elementary school in the district.

Standard Response Protocol (see attachments below) is how we will respond to various safety situations that may occur at our school. In addition, Washington County School District has also created a flip chart that is available in each classroom as a reference for teachers. The flip chart can be found online here: WCSD Emergency Flip Chart.

Our Reunification Plan will be followed in case of emergency in which we cannot release students in our typical manner.

UDOT has created a mapping system showing the Safe Route to Crimson View Elementary.

If you ever have a safety concern with regards to Crimson View Elementary please contact Mr. Baker directly.

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

standard response protocol for student safety
standard response protocol page 2