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School Handbook

Crimson View Elementary follows WCSD Policy.

Contact the Principal if you have additional questions or seek further clarification regarding our policy.

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Parent Communication

We are anxious to keep communication lines open between school and home. Our website will be kept current. School newsletters, classroom newsletters, email, phone call reminders will be used to help parents know what is happening at our school. Please make sure that our school office has current contact information(address, phone, email). If you ever have questions or concerns please call the school directly at (435)634-7000.

Emergency communication will be delivered via SMS messaging through School Messenger. Please opt-in to receive SMS text messages by texting "yes" to 67587.

More detailed instructions and information regarding School Messenger can be found at:

Attendance (WCSD Policy 2900)

Students under the age of 18 are required to attend school unless exempted by law. Parents have the responsibility to monitor regular school attendance for their children and to have them at school on time. Please contact the school by 10AM any time your child will be absent. This includes absences for illness, travel, or family emergencies. Please remember that the fewer absences, the better children do in school. Exempt absences include:

School Sponsored Activity – Involvement in a school sponsored activity is considered part of the educational experience.
Educational Travel – Requires prior notification by parents and approval by school officials. Paperwork is available in the office or on the district website.
Homebound – Illness or injury which causes absence in excess of five consecutive days will not be considered an absence if a homebound teacher is requested. Requires verification by a physician.
Chronic Illness – absence due to a chronic illness. Requires prior notification and an individual attendance plan. Also requires verification by a physician.
Court Detention – Absence due to required legal consequences. Must be verified.

For more information please visit: WCSD Attendance Policy 2900

WCSD Absentee Procedures

5 absences (10 pts) – the school will contact parents by telephone, mail, or in person.

10 absences (20 pts) – a call will be made to parents; if necessary a meeting will be scheduled.

15 absences (30 pts)– Parents receive certified letter and conference appointment

20 absences (40 pts)– Information sent to Assistant Superintendent and a referral is made to DCFS & Washington County Juvenile Court for educational neglect.

If your child becomes ill at school, the office staff will contact the parent or emergency contact listed on the information card. For the safety of all children, the health department has listed the following conditions as reason for exclusion from school: undiagnosed rash, pink eye (conjunctivitis), Strep throat, Chicken pox, Impetigo, and head lice.

ALL day EVERY day Attendance!

Some of the most important instructions for your child are given during the first hour of the day; please make every effort to have your child to school on time. Tardiness also affects the entire class because of the interruption created when the student arrives late. It also causes the teacher to spend extra time catching the student up. We do know that tardiness embarrasses students and may hamper school success. All late students must check in at the office before being admitted to class.

A full school day lasts until 3:30 pm Monday thru Thursday and until 1:15 on Friday or Early Release Days. It is difficult for students to stay caught up on their classwork if they are checked out early on a regular basis. Please do all you can to support your child in their education by avoiding scheduling conflicts when you can.

Make attendance an ALL day EVERY day priority and routine!

School Visitors

Parents are welcome at school and are encouraged to visit, observe, or volunteer to help in classrooms. All visitors to the school must check in and out at the school office. When visiting during instruction, please be sensitive to classroom activities and please do not bring other children not enrolled at our school. WCSD policy discourages student visitors because of the disruption to learning.

Closed Campus

Students must remain at school unless checked out by a parent at the office. If parents make prior arrangements, students may check out through the office with other adults. Students who live close enough to walk home for lunch may do so providing their parents have filed a written request with the office.

Student Immunizations

Utah State law requires that each student have on file with the school a copy of the individual immunization record. Please update the school records when additional immunizations are given. Immunization requirements: 4 DPT (one after age 4), 3 Polio (one after age 4), 2 MMR, Varicella or have had the Chicken Pox, 3 Hepatitis B and 2 Hepatitis A.

For more information visit the Utah State Immunization website.

Administration of Medication

Students should not have in their possession medicine of any kind, including over the counter meds or inhalers. The administration of prescribed medications to pupils by school personnel will be permitted with a current prescription and a signed doctor request. All medications are stored in a locked cabinet and a record is kept of all medications given. (