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It’s important that we approach STEM not only as a subject, but as a mindset.

Camsie McAdams

STEM Days 2021-22

Sept 21 – WIND

Our students explored the power of wind, worked together to create a wind powered vehicle and challenged others to a student powered race off.

  • students doing a boat stem race.
  • Students watching a stem boat race on a big screen
  • Students in classroom watching paper boat stem project.
  • Students working together on a stem project
  • Teacher interacting with students thumbs up and thumbs down.
  • Students and teacher outside with bubbles.
  • Student assembly with kids up front interacting with audience.
  • Group of 5 students in a row racing stem boats.
  • Two students on a green runner racing stem boats.
  • 3 students gathered around student racing stem boat.
  • Group of students working in a group at desks.

Oct 27 – Halloween
Nov 17 – Coding

The success of Crimson View Elementary can be contributed to an entire school community who work together for the benefit of each child. When the school opened in 2013, the students, faculty, parents, and community members came together to focus on what was best for students. Through much collaboration, a common vision and positive school culture were established.

The school has enriched student learning through an instructional approach that includes STEM best practices and an emphasis on 21st Century Skills. All students are fortunate to have an iPad or Chromebook to use for learning to further their development of 21st Century Skills. Furthermore, Crimson View has been recognized as a Utah Platinum STEM school, which is the highest STEM recognition offered by the state of Utah.

April 2021 – It was recently highlighted during a Utah State Board of Education meeting that Crimson View Elementary has earned the Platinum STEM designation yet again.  Of the schools earning that designation, Crimson scored the highest ranking.  Schools that receive a STEM School Designation have completed an arduous self-reflection process covering 37 separate elements that research has identified as essential for STEM-focused schools.  These schools then document their efforts to ensure STEM Education is a priority in their school and community. This evidence is then reviewed and examined by a review team.  Schools can achieve one of four levels of designation, Platinum being the highest level of designation.  Schools that receive a Platinum designation level have achieved an exemplary level of STEM integration in their school.  STEM is a focus in these schools and students that attend these schools can be sure they are receiving high-quality learning opportunities planned by educators that make deliberate efforts to make learning student-focused  and relevant to real-world issues while developing critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. 

utah platinum stem school designation