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Mid-January 2021 Update

Wildcat Families —

We’re off and running in 2021! We jumped right back into things after our long winter break and things are really rockin’ and rolling here at school. This week all our students participated in their Middle of Year (MOY) Acadience benchmark assessment. This assessment is used to measure student progress and growth in reading. I’ve quickly glanced at the results and it looks like our students are doing extremely well in their reading growth so far this year. Way to go students!! Way to go teachers!! Way to go parents!! 

Up to date information on Coronavirus and WCSD Schools can be found here:

We’re continuing to do all we can to stay healthy and stay in school. Please remember to send your child with a mask each day.

PAW Patrol – I’m pleased to announce that we are ready to invite our PAW (Pa’s Always Watching) Patrol back to school to enjoy “patroling” our lunch activities with their child. Please remember to wear your PAW Patrol t-shirt, check in at the front office, wear a mask while inside the school, and be ready to have some lunchtime fun with your child and many other students while outside on the playground area. We’ve missed having you here at our school and can’t wait to welcome you back!

Despite all the turmoil in the world today I can happily report that the future is bright. Our school is loaded with amazing young individuals. Thanks for sharing each of them with us each day. I speak for our entire school staff — we love your children. We love working with them, challenging them, and seeing them grow!

Keep smiling!

Adam Baker (Principal)  |

Looking Ahead:

  • Jan 18 – NO SCHOOL – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Jan 20 – STEM Day – remember to ask your student about the schoolwide STEM activity
  • Feb 4 – 12pm PTA Meeting (Library)
  • Feb 4 – 3:45pm School Community Council Mtg (Conference Room)
  • Feb 12 – NO SCHOOL – Teacher Prep Day 
  • Feb 15 – NO SCHOOL – President’s Day
  • Feb 16~19 – PTA Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Feb 22~26 – SEP Week (1:15 dismiss – individual SEP appointments)

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Dec 2020 – Wildcat Update

Wildcat Families —

I wanted to write a quick email to remind/update you about a few of our upcoming events!

#1 – Dec 7 (next Monday) is an Early Release PLC Day – 1:15 Dismiss (Friday Schedule)

#2 – Penny Wars – I have been blown away by the excitement in our school regarding penny wars. I’ve heard students excitedly tell me that they brought in their piggy bank savings to help Riley. So much for the coin shortage … every jar is overflowing!! Way to go Wildcats — Together We Rise!!! The totals are currently being counted, we will update our students on Monday morning. Our last day to bring in coins will be Wednesday, Dec 16!!(

#3 – Winter Fun Week will be Dec 14~18 – we will have some fun as a school. CLICK HERE for more info!

#4 – Stay Healthy, Stay in School – Please continue to encourage regular hand washing, mask wearing, and symptom checking. Students exhibiting symptoms of illness should stay home. Please remember to send masks with your student to school. 

2020 has been a year to remember! Let’s continue to work together as we grow forward!

Adam Baker (Principal)  |

Looking Ahead:

  • Dec 7 – Early Release PLC – 1:15 Dismissal
  • Dec 7~11 – Hour of Code Week (
  • Dec 16 – Penny Wars – Last Day
  • Dec 18 – Elks Lodge Food Drive Ends
  • Dec 19 ~ Jan 4 – Christmas Break NO SCHOOL
  • Jan 5 – School Resumes! Welcome 2021

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Penny Wars @ CVES

Crimson View Families —

I was approached earlier today about helping one of our former Wildcats.

I’m ALL in!!

Riley Slack is an absolute angel! Riley attended Crimson View last year as a 5th grader. She’s dealt with serious health challenges her entire life. Despite her challenges, she was always quick to smile and most happy when she could brighten some else’s day.

As a school we’re launching a PENNY WARS fundraiser to help out her family.

Penny Wars is a friendly fundraising competition between all our classes. A student may place coins in ANY jar … pennies and paper money increase the total points for that jar. Non-penny (nickel, dime, quarter) coins can be placed in any other jar to decrease that jar’s point total. Highest point total wins the Penny War competition between classes — ALL money donated will be given to Riley Slack’s family.

Let’s do this Wildcats!

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KONY Coins for Kids Info

Coins for Kids Christmas Assistance

If you need assistance with Christmas this year, please contact our school counselor (Amber Fjelsted – before Nov. 13, 2020 for a referral letter to KONY Coins for Kids. After receiving the referral letter, apply online at (click on “Qualifications”) between Oct. 19 and Nov. 13, 2020. Online applications after Nov. 13 will not be accepted.

Coins for Kids Volunteers

This year’s KONY Coins for Kids (CFK) program will look a little different due to COVID-19. There will be NO public shopping by volunteers, nor wrapping, nor delivery, but we have an even greater need for families and organizations to adopt some of our applicants this year and provide Christmas gifts to them directly. Go to and click on “Adopt a Family” for more information or click on the “Donate” tab to make a contribution to the program.


Coins for Kids Asistencia de Navidad

Si tu necesitas asistencia de Navidad este año, por favor ve al counselor de su escuela antes de Noviembre 13, 2020 para obtener una carta de referencia para  KONY Coins for Kids. Después de recibir la carta de referencia, aplique en línea a (click on “Qualifications”) entre Oct. 19 y Nov. 13, 2020.

Aplicaciones en línea después de Nov. 13 no serán aceptadas.

Voluntarios de Coins for Kids 

Este año el programa KONY Coins for Kids (CFK) será un poco diferente por motivo de COVID-19. No habrá  compras públicas de voluntarios, no envoltorios, nor delivery, pero tenemos una gran necesidad de familias y organizaciones para adoptar algunos de nuestros aplicantes este año y de proveer regalos de Navidad a ellos directamente. Ve a haz click en “Adopt a Family”  para más información o haz click en “Donate”  para hacer una contribución al programa. 

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Wildcat Families:

I’ve three important things to share with you!

#1 – Dixie Direct Books – now available in our office. A flyer with more information will be sent home on Monday, Nov 2. CLICK HERE for a video describing this year’s DD book, contest, and student awards. Books can be purchased online and picked up at our school. CLICK HERE for more information or to purchase a book now!

#2 – Scholastic Book Fair – Nov 2~Nov 15 – Our book fair will be a little bit different, but we still have the goal of getting great books into the homes of our students and their families. Our online bookfair can be found here: – **give the gift of literacy this year and make sure your student receives some great books for Christmas!

#3 – SEP ConferencesCLICK HERE to schedule now!!! Whether virtual or in-person these conferences are so important to maintain good communication regarding each of our students and their growth and progress so far and well as establishing a trajectory for the remainder of the school year. Please make SEP conference participation a priority for you and your student – as always our goal is 100% participation!!

Please continue to remember to send a mask with your student each day (and put an extra in your child’s backpack just in case).

Thank you!

Adam Baker (Principal)

Check out our Calendar for upcoming events! (

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Oct 29, 2020 – Parent Info

Wildcat Families —

SEP Conferences are coming up during the week of Nov 9~13, 2020. We’re going to be more flexible and giving families and teachers the option of in-person conferences or virtual conferences. There is great value in regular communication with our families regarding the academic progress of our students, please make every effort to schedule an appointment and meet with your child’s teacher, either in-person or virtually. Each classroom teacher will provide more information regarding in-person or virtual appointments and how that will look for them and their students. Appointments may now be scheduled via the Online Scheduler platform, a link is on the homepage of our school website: *don’t forget the school password is “wildcats”.

Halloween Parade: If you plan to attend our Halloween parade on Oct 30, please remember that masks must be worn at all school events, both indoor and outdoor. All attendees will be required to bring their own masks and wear them throughout the entire event at all school facilities, both inside and outside. Please continue to support our efforts to stay healthy and stay in school — wear a mask at all Crimson View events.

Additional Halloween Reminders:

  • Costume Parade will take place on Friday, Oct 30: 
    • 9:15 Start Time
    • The parade will follow the regular route (outdoor paved track around our big field)
    • All in attendance should wear masks and follow social distance guidelines
    • Classroom parties will be scheduled by each class individually
  • Costume Guidelines:
    • Keep the school costume as simple as possible ~ NO weapons, NO extreme gore (WCSD Policy 2200)
    • Students should be able to change into or out of the costume with minimal help (practice at home)
    • Critically Important! Your student should be able to use the bathroom without any assistance

Thanks for your continued support!

Adam Baker (Principal)  |

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Oct 14, 2020 – CVES Update

Wildcat Families — 

We’ve made it through the first quarter of the 2020-21 school year!! Whew … I’m breathing a big sigh of relief. Being in school, with our students, has been so wonderful and something that I won’t take for granted again. I hope that each of you enjoy the upcoming Fall Break, don’t forget that WCSD officials recently added Monday, Oct 19, as a preparation day for our teachers. Our Wildcat students will return to class on Tuesday, Oct 20.

Parent Reminders: (

  • Oct 15~19 – Fall Break NO SCHOOL
  • Oct 20 – PTA Reflection Entries Due
    • Entries are all submitted online this year — CLICK HERE for more information
  • Oct 27 – School Storytelling Festival (Grades 3~5)
  • Oct 26~30 – Crimson View Spirit Week!!
    • Oct 26 – Crazy Sock Day
    • Oct 27 – Tie Dye Day
    • Oct 28 – Silly Hair or Wacky Hat Day
    • Oct 29 – Lazy Pajama Day
    • Oct 30 – Halloween Costume Day
  • Oct 30 – End 1st Trimester
  • Nov 9~12 – SEP Conferences

Halloween Parade Update: Crimson View Elementary is a place for kids! Halloween is typically a fun time for our students and something that most of them look forward to each year. I want to support that as a school and I’m excited to be able to celebrate with you. Yesterday an email was sent to all families of WCSD students regarding the use of masks at school events. The update states that, “masks must be worn at all school events, both indoor and outdoor. All attendees will be required to bring their own masks and wear them throughout the entire event at all school facilities, both inside and outside.”  Please continue to support our efforts to stay in school and plan now to wear a mask if you will attend our Crimson View Halloween costume parade. Additional Halloween info:

  • Costume Parade: 
    • 9:15 Start Time
    • The parade will follow the regular route (paved track around our big field)
    • All in attendance wear masks and follow social distance guidelines
    • Classroom parties will be scheduled by each class individually
  • Costume Guidelines:
    • Keep the school costume as simple as possible ~ NO weapons, NO extreme gore, NO immodest costumes (WCSD Policy 2200)
    • Students should be able to change into the costume with minimal help (practice at home)
    • Students should be able to use the bathroom without any assistance

Have a wonderful and relaxing Fall Break. I hope to see all our students refreshed and ready to continue learning and growing on Tuesday, Oct 20.

Stay healthy!

Adam Baker (Principal)  |

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Egg Drop Email

Wildcat Families –

We kicked off our annual Egg Drop fundraiser this morning with our students. A fun video was shared to help introduce the egg drop with your students and packets were handed out. The packet has all of the specific information and details on it, please read through that together with your child. Donations can be collected in the packet envelope or be paid online at our school website or directly at Packets will be due next Friday, Oct 2. Our goal is to have every packet returned! This year we are raising money to help fund all the amazing programs sponsored by our PTA such as: Battle of the Books, Meet the Masters Arts Program, Internet Safety, STEM night, as well as to help purchase STEM supplies for our teachers in their classroom! This is a great program where we learn together and support our school. Our students love to engineer their egg drop and enjoy a fun picnic with their family!

Egg Drop Important Dates:

  • ASAP parents complete Egg Drop Parent Picnic Survey: CLICK HERE
  • Sept 25 – Kickoff and packets handed out to students
  • Sept 25~Oct 2 – Students get sponsors and collect money or submit donations online (Family, friends and relatives can donate from wherever they live!)
  • Oct 2 – students return Egg Drop Packets
  • Oct 5~8 – students engineer egg drop 
  • Oct 9 – Egg Drop and Parent Picnic (Grades K~2 10:45 to 11:45  |  Grades 3~5  12:15 to 1:15) 

Reminder – Please send your student with a mask to school each day. There are a surprising number of students “forgetting” their masks. We wear them each day so we can stay in school. Please do what you can to support us with this! Parent Pro Tip: put a couple of extra masks in your child’s backpack, so they will always have a mask with them at school!

Thanks for your support of all things Crimson View. The greatness of the school is magnified by your support!

Adam Baker (Principal)

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PTA Walk or Bike to School Info

Wildcat Families,

This coming Thursday (Sept 24) is our annual Walk or Bike to School Day!

In order to participate we ask that each of you do the following —

Students who walk or ride bicycles to school:

  • Prior to Sept 24 determine a safe route to school with your child
  • Discuss safety, whether walking or biking, along a roadway, at intersections, crosswalks, etc
  • On Sept 24 look for CVES teachers and others participating and travel safely to school with them
  • Plan to arrive at school about 8:35am (students should not ever arrive prior to this time each day)

Students who ride a bus:

  • Discuss safety with your child while riding a bus (e.g. – staying in seat, not yelling, listening to bus driver)
  • Set expectation of going straight to bus stop or straight home after exiting bus each day
  • Students can participate in activities once you arrive at school on Sept 24

Our PTA has some great activities planned (North end of playground, near bike racks, beginning at 8:35am)
*Face coverings and social distancing are recommended while on school grounds

  • Southern Utah Health Department will have a booth to share safety tips
  • Southern Utah Bicycle Collective will be here to help work on bikes
  • SGPD Bicycle Patrol will demonstrate their equipment and share safety tips
  • Raffle drawing for all participants (fun prizes for joining in the fun and learning about safety)

Thanks for your continued support!

Adam Baker (Principal)  |

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Sept 11 – CVES Update

Wildcat Families,

Thank you for a great start to the school year! We’ve gotten back into the routine of school and overall things are going very well. I wanted to briefly reach out to each of our Crimson View families and share a couple of reminders.

  1. Early Release PLC – next Monday, Sept 14 we will follow our Friday schedule, dismiss at 1:15pm. This allows teachers to learn and grow professionally as well as prepare more in depth so they can effectively work with your children.
  2. Student Face Coverings – please remember to send your student with a mask each day. A face shield can be used if preferred, simply complete approval form in the office. (Face Shield is defined as a face covering that covers the entire face; protects the eyes of the wearer; is made of clear plastic; secures at the top of the head; does not secure under the chin) Parent Pro Tip: place an extra mask in your student’s backpack so that even if they forget their regular mask they have a backup ready to use.
  3. Toys – All toys are better left at home so they are not lost, broken, or stolen at school. Our classroom teachers have plenty of equipment for students to play with during recess. Additionally, toys can be a distraction to student learning. Please check in with your student, remind them to keep their toys at home.
  4. Student Safety – Please review your daily plan with your child regarding how they come and go from school. Talk about safety with them. Many students enjoy walking or riding a bike to and from school. Plan a safe route for them to use each day as they travel to and from school. Make sure your child understands how important it is to be safe and cautious while on roadways and especially at intersections.

I’ve been thrilled to be back in school with your children. They are exceptional human beings and I have a great hope in the future because of them! It is an honor to interact with them each day.

Please continue to make time to read for 20 minutes at home each night. When your student knows how much you value reading and their education they quickly adopt the same values and feelings.

Adam Baker (Principal) | 435-634-7000 |

Looking Ahead: (

  • Sept 14 – Early Release PLC Day (1:15 dismiss)
  • Sept 24 – PTA Walk or Bike to School Day
  • Oct 5 – Early Release PLC Day (1:15 dismiss)
  • Oct 6 – Fall Picture Re-take Day
  • Oct 9 – Egg Drop Day & Parent Picnic
  • Oct 15~16 – Fall Break NO SCHOOL
  • Oct 26~30 – Crimson View Spirit Week
  • Oct 30 – Halloween Parade @ 9:15

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